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Where We Are

Galicia is located on the far north western tip of Spain, jutting out into the Atlantic with a series of mountainous, forested peninsulas. Like the western areas of the British Isles, Galicia takes the brunt of the ocean’s weather, soaking it all up to leave the interior and the Mediterranean Costas of typical Spain a far cry away. Quiet and unspoilt, off the beaten track and full of rustic charm, Galicia is largely undiscovered. Galicia is probably most famous as being the end point of the Way of St James, a Catholic and prehistoric pilgrimage route leading to the famous cathedral at Santiago de Compostela and then on to the end-of-land’s setting sun at Finisterre.

The people of this region have crafted their own unique traditions, focusing on small scale farming and harvesting from the rich seas. We lived in the town of Muxía, not dissimilar to a town on the Lizard or Gower Peninsular, and our neighbours were seaweed gatherers, gooseneck barnacle pickers and lacemakers!


To travel to Galicia from London fly with Iberia/ Vueling  from Heathrow to La Coruña or if more convenient Ryanair  fly from Stansted to Santiago de Compostela. In the summer months, Easyjet open a route from Gatwick to Santiago. All flights take approx. 2 hours. We arrange airport transfer for groups, or car hire is available for the 1¼hr drive to our location. Ferries travel from Portsmouth and Plymouth to Santander (6hrs east of our location).


The house is a 10 minute drive to the nearby town of Cee, with a hospital, a private English speaking paediatrician, swimming pool, cinemas and plenty of shops. Beyond Cee is Finisterre – the end of the road for ancient Celts and modern day pilgrims alike!

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