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David Lynch at 7am

Do you open an article and then read it a day or so later?

This morning David Lynch was there waiting for me. Someone had told me he is a friend of theirs and that he goes to a Yoga class in Oxford. Everything is possible I suppose.

I thought's I'd just share this quote because it's nice to have a dream, as every film director should have:

"I love my life ... It would be nice if we were all able to fulfil our desires and live good, long, happy lives."

The way the words rolled off his tongue in the interview sounded identical to a character in a Steinbeck novel, that upbeat Californianness. Oranges and sunshine.

Later he says: talking of ideas:

“They’re like fish. If you get an idea that’s thrilling to you, put your attention on it and these other fish will swim into it. It’s like a bait. They’ll hook on to it and you’ll get more ideas. And you just pull them in.”


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