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After School English Club

After School English Club (click for flyer)

I have been asked so many times by friends, family, colleagues and anglophiles hopeful of native english classes that is has been getting embarrassing saying "not yet". So finally....hooray! WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

We are offering a natural and relaxed way of learning english language. I will be working with similar age groups with the main objective of making english communication fun again.

Starting with a weekly class we will see how things go. In time, we will hopefully have more regular language sessions.

In April we will carry out our first focussed weekend language workshops, bringing in more native teachers and working to put language into practice through fun activities. More details will follow.

To reinforce the language classes, we will also run our exchange camps where english and spanish kids of the same age mix together for an on-site-exchange, learning language and culture through top-drawer outdoor activities and against our beautiful backdrop. Again, more details will follow.

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