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Welcome to 4 Elements

OK, we are off! TRUMPET FANFARE!!!!

We've had our refreshing New Year's walk on Nemiña beach, nice to not find any washed up turtles this time, but we did see some amazing velella jellyfish - not a single organism but a colony in a creature, plus there were thousands of them and they are very beautiful...and didn't sting the children.

And with 2018 well upon us, we are now ready to go.

After many years in the making we are launching in 2018. We are offering language classes for the local community, language camps for spanish and english children of the same age, learning together. We are also running some adult courses. And, should you wish to use our handcrafted location for your own ends, we also do location hire.

We really can't wait to start having people busying our lives, each person will be a wonderful gift.

I will write as often as I can, hopefully with on a variety of subjects and also updating on our progress...especially once I get I the swing of being a proud website owner.

Hope to see you in 2018!

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