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At 4 Elements we aim for children, and adults alike, to become so absorbed in the moment that the learning comes as second nature.  They learn unconsciously and naturally at our wild and reflective setting.


We follow proven Forest School methodologies: encouraging and inspiring individuals to develop through an innovative, educational approach to outdoor activity.

When language teaching, we practice Outdoor Language Learning (OLL)* which complements and enhances formal classroom language learning.

“Direct physical contact with nature produces genuineness of learnt material because humans learn with all of the senses, not only hearing and seeing which is the case of most classroom learning.”

                                                                                  Szczepanski et al (2006).

Forest School research states that learning outdoors in nature relieves stress, inhibitions and pressures of the traditional classroom environment, improves learner's confidence and motivation, language and communication, and physical skills.**

Our goal is for individuals to benefit from everything an outdoor, natural environment has to offer.

Throughout the stay we hope to create as many memorable moments as possible, where freedom and inspiration will find a home in the heart of the learner, giving them confidence in their approach to learning with us and in the future.

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